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June 2023:  Hello to the folks seeing this after watching my stop motion animation at a film festival.  I hope you will also check out my music;  Executive producer/song writer - 20 songs in 9 different languages, working with musicians all over the world.   And I hope you enjoy my paintings.  Thank you, Jeff Danglo     

Someone Died in the Nursing Home, Scene 1:

                        SCENE: Nursing station of a nursing center floor, long hallways, brightly lit, TV sounds in background, long counter with a couple of computers, manuals, some medical supplies. Behind the counter sits the day nurse Marie and evening nurse Kevin. Marie, a Spanish woman in her 40's recites the patient report to Kevin the protagonist - experienced, wise, wants the best for patients. Kevin rarely looks at Marie, mostly writes, jots down notes on a single piece of paper as she talks.